Why Suzanne?


After 30 years in the NHS and in the charity field, I realised the theme of the roles I loved the most was to make a positive difference to people’s lives.


Suzanne helped me to clear my physical and emotional clutter when I moved to a rental flat at the end of an unhappy marriage.

I was five stone overweight, miserable and the only thing keeping me going was my job.

After working with Suzanne I found new enthusiasm for life and am now a size 12, happily married and enjoying life with my husband and child.

The combination of clearing my clutter and Suzanne’s ‘Manifesto Method’ gave me the life I had always wanted.

CD, Hertfordshire

Suzanne has been the best kind of coach I could possibly imagine. She helped me, at a particularly difficult time of my life, to rise above the challenges, take control and make things I desired happen.

Suzanne has her own personal style, a great ability and coaches with great skill and positivity. She fills each moment with powerful ways to help the transformation. She used thoughtful questions to help me identity where I want to be and make realistic plans.

She does this using a very warm, genuine and caring approach, which makes it easier to relax and trust her and consequently follow the coaching process . Thanks to Suzanne, I am feeling more in touch with myself again and am making steps towards getting the career and work-life balance that I desire. If you want to make positive changes to your life, I would strongly recommend Suzanne.

AMN, London

Before I started working with Suzanne it felt as though everything was lost under a blanket of negativity. My self esteem had gone, I hated my job and I felt completely stuck. By the end of the first session I was already feeling brighter and several sessions in I’m seeing improvements in every part of my life – I’m even getting praised at work!

I’m always surprised at how productive a coaching session with Suzanne can be and then how much I go on to achieve between sessions. It’s great to have someone to be accountable to, especially when that someone recognises and acknowledges the big steps forward I am taking.

CW, West Midlands

When I initially met with Suzanne I had many conflicting thoughts and no work/life balance.

Throughout the coaching process Suzanne was friendly and challenging without being judgmental. She was supportive and gave positive encouragement. She helped me to establish my goals and write them down. Since that time I have achieved my goals and identified further goals. I felt as though I was being challenged but equally well supported.

LS, Derbyshire

Suzanne is a very talented, natural coach. She cuts through the clutter and goes straight to the core. Through her questioning she has helped me gain clarity on my career goals and life in general. She is a wonderful listener and offers candid guidance that will help you see things in a different perspective. Suzanne has that intuitive quality that any good coach should have, and it makes her an observant yet caring coach. Would definitely recommend her!

Saira B, London

Six to eight sessions with a personal development life coach can change your life