People talk a lot about the Law of Attraction and how you can manifest what you desire into your life.  There are  books, ebooks, webinars, courses and suggestions for how to do this. So many in fact that it can seem more complicated and ‘woo woo’ than it needs to be.  Ultimately both Manifesting and the Law of Attraction are about getting clear on what you want, defining it in an intentional way and then letting it go.

A year ago I created a montage postcard showing the places I wanted to visit in my professional capacity as a coach, speaker or writer.  I didn’t dictate how or when I expected these destinations to come into my life, I just trusted that they would.

I also created an affirmation paragraph, which included the statement “I travel the world in comfort and style and stay in beautiful places.”

I put the postcard in a frame on the wall along with images of other interests and situations I would be grateful to have in my life.  Finally I included the image in my Mind Movie so that I saw it consciously and subconsciously every day.  My affirmations are part of my morning routine, said aloud into the mirror with a huge smile on my face which generates the feeling of them already being achieved.

The key is always to have no attachment to the outcome, just to know that my requests are somewhere in my energy, waiting to come into my life when the time is right.

New York manifested very quickly.  The city features twice in my picture frame, and perhaps it’s no coincidence I have been there on two separate occasions in the last 8 months. The second visit included business class flights which really opened my eyes to the life I am ready to enjoy.  Other things highlighted in the frame have also manifested; I now have the opportunity to write on a daily basis and the past year has bought many fun and unexpected adventures.   I have lost count of the number people who have mentioned my ability to bring sunshine and elegance into their lives.  I receive those compliments with love, delight and gratitude.

When I had a call from a Global Leadership Expert interested to learn more about my work who suggested meeting in Paris.  I didn’t think twice.  I immediately accepted the invitation to spend a couple of days exchanging information and perspective on our respective fields of interest.  Within 20 minutes an email arrived with business class return Eurostar tickets and my own suite in a 5* boutique hotel close to the Elysee Palace.

By the end of my visit I had learned a great deal about leadership and how high level executives and global leaders benefit enormously in attending intensive retreats.  By learning new skills and ways of thinking they transform their abilities, enabling them to communicate even more effectively and draw out the best in their staff, companies and governments.  In return my host received some new ideas, a feminine perspective and business suggestions, which we may find a way to take forward together in the future.

The whole experience was amazing and fascinating.  We walked and talked, dined and drank cocktails in beautiful places. It was so much more rewarding and inspirational than a brief interview could ever have been. I saw the sights of Paris through the eyes of someone who had lived there and was treated with immense courtesy and respect throughout.  It was a fantastic way to find out whether we could work and travel together.

By trusting I had manifested the experience, travel and hotel, I felt completely secure in accepting a spontaneous invitation to do something which would previously have been far removed from my comfort zone.  In doing so, I have made a new friend, experienced the best Paris has to offer andcreated an opportunity to work with a master practitioner in his field.  I think that’s quite a result!

What are you saying to yourself every day? What images do you see consciously and subconsciously in your home and place of work? Are they helpful to you?  What are they drawing into your life?

Perhaps it’s time to give that some thought.

Au revoir!