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  • A Positive outlook

  • Self esteem

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Work/life satisfaction

  • Taking control of your life

  • Law of Attraction

Getting you from where you are now to where you want to be

In our fast paced world it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, left behind and disheartened. You know you can achieve more; you deserve to excel in your job, have a better work/life balance; you want to enjoy happier relationships and, of course, have a more fulfilling life, but you just can’t seem to make it happen.

Think back to a time when everything went exactly to plan… how good did it feel?

Now imagine having that feeling regularly. With the support of bespoke coaching, you can decide what you want, identify what really matters, be supported in your motivation and surpass all your expectations.


About Me

I trained as a Personal Performance Coach with the Coaching Academy and quickly attracted clients who wanted to live a more positive life. I work internationally, coaching clients by Skype and telephone in the UK and abroad.



I found the coaching sessions with Suzanne really really helpful, transformational in fact... I felt that Suzanne acted professionally and tailored our sessions to best achieve my needs. - MC Hertfordshire


Throughout the coaching process Suzanne was friendly and challenging without being judgmental. Since that time I have achieved my goals and identified further goals - LS Derbyshire


Suzanne has been the best kind of coach I could possibly imagine. She helped me, at a particularly difficult time of my life, to rise above the challenges, take control and make things I desired happen - AMN,  London


By the end of the first session I was already feeling brighter and several sessions in I’m seeing improvements in every part of my life – I’m even getting praised at work! - CW West Midlands


Suzanne is a fantastic professional relationship coach whose easy going approach put me instantly at ease, to the extent that I felt able to open up about a personal goal that I had wanted to tackle for a long time...- EP, Brighton

Six to eight sessions with a personal development life coach can change your life